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    "I’d rather be a rising ape than a falling angel."

    - Terry Pratchett -

  • Etusivu 2

    "If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys."

    - Cambridge Idioms Dictionary, 2nd ed -

  • Etusivu 3

    "If you marry a monkey for its wealth, when the money goes the monkey remains as is."

    - Egyptian proverb -

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    "Even if a monkey wears a gold ring, it is and remains an ugly thing"

    - Afrikaans Idiom -

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    "The surest way to make a monkey of a man, is to quote him."

    - Robert Benchly -

About Funky Monkey

An Oulu / Finnish based marketing agency.

  • Who We Are

    Who We Are

    We are an independent advertising agency founded in 2007. Our mission has always been simple; create a creative agency – one that can innovate around our client’s needs which in turn helps them innovate around their consumer needs. Our honest and transparent marketing work speaks for itself.

    Daily we use creativity to solve business' problems.

  • Honest Creativity

    Honest Creativity

    We are defined and encouraged by a highly interactive, openly transparent way of working - we have a fast-moving, fast-working approach.

    Honest Creative Goodness!

  • Innovate Around Consumer Needs

    Innovate Around Consumer Needs

    We decide to create a more extraordinary kind of creative agency – one that can innovate around client needs and, in turn, help them innovate around consumer needs. Clients and the public respond powerfully to our work because we unlock the reasons why brands are loved and then create inspiring and hugely effective communications between our clients and their target audience.

  • Tero Pernu

    Tero Pernu

    Tero has over 10 year experience of working in marketing, setting-up and running Funky Monkey is his daily routine. Very fond of good food, he can be a useful resource when looking for some fine food in and around Oulu. His passion outside of work involves teaching Capoeira around 5 times a week and finding some good places too eat.

  • Eugene du Toit

    Eugene du Toit

    Eugene graduated from AMK, was a trainee at an well know Oulu advertisement agency, where he ended up working with Tero before he left to start Funky Monkey on the summer of the 2007. He joined Tero after 2 years in 2009. He's currently having a pre-midlife crisis – hence bicycling all the time and suddenly enjoying Netflix comedies. He remains relentlessly cheerful despite living in Oulu.

Case Studies

Our case studies are written from our experiences that details the threats,  the struggles and conquests of the reason why a firm look and feel like they currently do. Usually this is not born from a a one sided process, but a true partnership, where we become the hand that draws that what the clients envisions.

Wind Controller

Wind Controller

Wind Controller  is a Finnish based maintenance company that provides wind turbine owners  a seamless and intuitive customer experience across all turbine park related matters. The challenge is showcasing a service that can help businesses have happier customers by providing a richer, more engaging and, ultimately, more profitable customer experience.

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Here's a couple of designs from along the way.

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